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Youth Mental Health First Aid

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Founded in 2000 & brought to the U.S. in 2008 by the National Council for Behavioral Health

"Mental Health First Aid is an early intervention public education program. It teaches participants to recognize the signs and symptoms that suggest a potential mental health or substance use challenge, how to listen nonjudgmentally and give reassurance to a person who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge, and how to refer a person to appropriate support and services."

What is Youth Mental Health First Aid?

  • "Designed for adults who have frequent contact with youth and young adults"

  • NOT meant for use by children or youth

  • Meant for parents, teachers, school staff, coaches, or others who work with children or youth 

Interested in a training? 

The SFC offers training to organizations, companies, community groups etc. in West Seneca & Orchard Park

The Youth Mental Health First Aid training is an, in person, 8 hr training

The training is offered to groups no larger than 30 people at one time

Reach out for more info. or to schedule your training!

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