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PSA Project

For the past three months the SFC has worked to develop 2 PSA ideas to produce. The goal of the PSA project is to reduce alcohol use among youth. These PSA ideas will be used to produce a professional advertisement PSA and shown on some streaming sites and used on many social media platforms.  ​

Youth PSA

We developed this PSA to specifically reach youth who may be experimenting with Alcohol or considering experimenting. The majority of young people are not drinking. It is important to highlight these statistics! 

Youth in our region helped select this PSA from multiple choices. At SFC we value the views of young people and believe that youth have important insight and must be consulted to have true impact. 

Adult PSA

We developed this PSA to specifically reach adults who have children and are considering allowing them to drink in their household. The majority of parents do not provide alcohol to their children and it is important to highlight these statistics!  

In NYS parents are allowed to provide THEIR children with alcohol, but it is illegal to provide alcohol to other children. Unfortunately, of youth who reported drinking in our CLYDE survey, over 40% reported getting the alcohol from their parents. 

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